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Q: What should I know about the cot?

A: Th following:

Product description

The Stryker Model 6100 M-1® Roll-In System is a manual ambulance cot that consists of a platform on a wheeled frame

designed to support and transport a maximum weight of 500 lb (227 kg) in pre-hospital and hospital environments. The

device is collapsible for use in emergency vehicles. The removable litter and patented Steer-Lock System™ provide

enhanced maneuverability. To assist with patient transport, the product features:

  • Lift handles at four corners
  • Patient restraint straps
  • Adjustable pneumatic backrest
  • Optional accessories

For maximum patient comfort, you can select from one of three different litter positions, including:

  • Shock
  • Flat leg
  • Optional knee Gatch

Indications for use

The Stryker Model 6100 M-1 Roll-In System is a non-powered wheeled stretcher, which is intended to support and

transport the entire body of a traumatized, ambulatory, or non-ambulatory human patient (includes infants and adults). In

emergency or transport vehicles, the product:

  • Supports patients in a supine (horizontal) or sitting position
  • Facilitates the transportation of associated medical equipment (i.e. oxygen bottles or IV bags)

This ambulance cot is intended to be used in pre-hospital and hospital environments, in emergency and non-emergency

applications. It is rated to a maximum capacity of 500 lb (227 kg), which is the sum of the patient, mattress, and accessory

weight. Intended operators of the product include:

  • Trained professionals
  • Emergency medical service
  • Medical care center personnel
  • Medical first responders

Ambulance cots are for transportation purposes. They are not intended for extended stay or for use as hospital beds. They

are also not intended for use in devices that change air pressure, such as hyperbaric chambers.

Clinical benefits

  • Cot: patient transport
  • Fastener: support cot for transport
  • Cot and fastener system: support and transport patients

Expected service life

The Stryker Model 6100 M-1 Roll-In System has a five year expected service life under normal use conditions and with

appropriate periodic maintenance.

The yellow and black color scheme is a proprietary trademark of Stryker Corporation.

Errors and omission excepted

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