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Q: What should I know about the Altrix™ Precision Temperature Management System?

A: The Stryker model 8001Altrix® Precision Temperature Management System can supply water to an individual or multiple thermal transfer devices simultaneously with each of these circuits monitored separately. Three operating modes are available to ease patient care: Automatic, Manual, and Monitor. The controller uses the patient temperature probe to provide closed loop feedback for automatic patient temperature management and monitoring. The controller alarms visual and audible indications for when safety parameters are exceeded or it detects system function or performance irregularities.

The Altrix system is able to provide a patient temperature output reference signal to be connected to a non-specific third

party device or system. The controller regulates water temperatures between 4.0° C (39.2° F) and 40.0° C (104.0° F) and circulates the heated or cooled water via hose sets through the thermal transfer devices. A graphical display provides the user an interface for selecting desired water or patient temperature settings, operating modes, help menus, and other key parameters. Visual indicators are displayed to inform the user of system status or when the user must confirm a setting selection. The system’s water temperature and flow outputs can be monitored with 400 series compatible devices to optimize system operation.

  • The Altrix system includes the following components:
  • controller
  • reusable hose sets
  • thermal transfer devices (blankets, vests, and leg wraps)
  • patient temperature probes
  • reusable adapter cables
  • reusable patient temperature output cable

Note: The blankets, vests, leg wraps, and patient temperature probes are type BF applied parts.

Expected service life

The Altrix controller has a five year expected service life under normal use, conditions, and with appropriate periodic

maintenance. See the maintenance manual for preventive maintenance and service information.


Note: The controller takes approximately 9 minutes to heat from 23.0±2° C (73.4° F) to 37.0° C (98.6° F) when not

connected to a patient. Time will vary when connected to a patient.

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