Q: What is the CodeManagement Module?

A: The CodeManagement Module attaches to the LIFEPAK 20/20e device. The base model provides wireless connectivity with the LIFENET System. An additional configuration provides the ability to provide EtCO2 monitoring. When the CodeManagement Module is added to a LIFEPAK 20/20e device, the software in the device must be updated.

Device Primary Functions

The CodeManagement Module has two primary functions:

  • Wireless connectivity, including:
    • Transmission to/from LIFENET System
    • Data download and transmission from TrueCPR™ device

  • EtCO2 monitoring, including:
    • EtCO2
    • Respiration Rate
    • Alarms for EtCO2, FiCO2, and Respiration Rate


The device consists of a three-piece case assembly that encloses the following modules/PCBs:

  1. Interface PCB
  2. AC to DC power converter module
  3. Antenna PCB

and the following OEM and mechanical components:

  1. CO2 Module (optional)
  2. Internal Battery Pack
  3. Wireless module

and the following attachments:

  1. CO2 FilterLine (optional)

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