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Q: What should i know about disinfecting the cot?

A: In general, when used in concentrations recommended by the manufacturer, you can use either phenolic or quaternary (excluding Virex® TB) type disinfectants. Iodophor type disinfectants are not recommended for use because staining may occur. 

The recommended disinfectants for this product’s surfaces include the following: 

  • Quaternary (active ingredient - ammonium chloride)
  • Phenolic (active ingredient - o-phenylphenol)
  • Chlorinated bleach solution (use up to UK disinfecting 10,000 ppm available chlorine (941 mL of a 5.25% sodium hypochlorite solution per 4000 mL of water)
  • Alcohol (active ingredient - 70% isopropyl alcohol)

To wipe down the product with disinfectant between uses:

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s dilution recommendations exactly
  2. Apply the recommended disinfectant solution by spray or pre-soaked wipes
  3. Hand wash all surfaces of the product with the recommended disinfectant
  4. Disinfect all exposed surfaces. Pay attention to high contact areas
  5. Follow the disinfecting solution manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate contact time and rinsing requirements
  6. Dry the product thoroughly before returning the product to service

Avoid over saturation. Do not allow the product to remain wet.

Follow the manufacturer’s dilution recommendations for appropriate contact time and rinsing requirements. Follow the chemical manufacturer’s guidelines for proper disinfecting. 

Note: Failure to follow the above directions when using these types of cleaners may void this product’s warranty. 


  • Do not clean, disinfect, service, or perform maintenance while the product is in use
  • Always wipe the product with clean water and dry after cleaning. Some cleaning products are corrosive in nature and may cause damage to the product. Failure to properly rinse and dry the product leaves a corrosive residue on the surface of the product and may cause premature corrosion of critical components

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