Q: How to perform internal cleaning on LIFEPAK® 20e?

A: Clean the interior of the device as described below:

  • Brush interior surfaces and parts with a nonmetallic, soft-bristle brush
  • Remove loosened dirt and dust using a dry, low-pressure compressed air (60 psi) or vacuum cleaner
  • Wipe metal surfaces with a soft, nonabrasive cloth that has been dampened with isopropyl alcohol


Shock hazard. The energy storage capacitor carries high voltage. Remove the battery and discharge the capacitor before handling.


Possible case damage. Do not clean any part of this device or accessories with bleach, bleach dilution, or phenolic compounds. Do not use abrasive or flammable cleaning agents. Do not attempt to sterilize this device or any accessories unless otherwise specified in accessory operating instructions.

Errors and omission excepted