Q: When and how to do the routine checks on the LUCAS device?

A: Weekly, and after each use of the LUCAS , perform the following:

  1. Make sure that the device is clean.
  2. Make sure that a new Suction Cup is installed.
  3. Make sure that the Patient Straps are attached.
  4. Make sure that the two support leg straps of the Stabilization Strap are attached around the support legs, and that the neck strap is placed in the Carrying Case.
  5. Pull the release rings upwards to make sure that the claw locks are open.
  6. Make sure that the Battery is fully charged. When the LUCAS device is in the OFF mode, push MUTE. The Battery indicator illuminates and shows the Battery charge status
  7. Push ON/OFF to make the device do a self test. Make sure the ADJUST LED illuminates with no alarm or warning LED.
  8. Push ON/OFF to power off the device again.
  9. Make sure that the external Power Supply cord is not damaged.

Errors and omission excepted