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Q: When and how to perform function check on a LUCAS device?

A: Function check is completed as final procedure of preventive maintenance and after any repair, the following must be done:

  • Mechanics Test
  • Piston check
  • Claw lock mechanism check
  • Electronics Test

Mechanics Test

Piston Check

  • Pull the piston down and up ensuring the decompression spring moves smoothly and without unusual noise.
  • Pull piston down and continue slowly pulling down until the carry ball nut has reached its lower position. Check that it runs smoothly and without unusual noise.
  • Push the piston back up to its top position. Check that it runs smoothly and without unusual noise.

Claw Lock Mechanism Check

  • Check for play between release ring and support leg
    • Pull the release ring to unlock and open claw. Move your finger around the release ring. You should hear and detect play between the ring and claw. If there is no play, the test has failed. 

  • Check for the ability of the claw mechanism to remain locked.
    • Press the claw lock towards the center point of the support leg closing the claw mechanism. In the locked position press hard with two thumbs against claw mechanism. If claw mechanism unlocks, the test has failed.

Electronics Test

  • Internal Function Test and Adjust LED is green
  • ACTIVE (30:2) mode
    • Device runs without unusual sound.
    • Confirm active 30:2 LED is green
    • Confirm audible alert prior to ventilation pause and intermittent LED
  • Check that Pause LED is green.
  • ACTIVE (continuous) mode 
    • Confirm continuous LED is green.
    • Confirm LED blinks every 10 strokes.
  • ADJUST mode
    • Pull the suction cup down to test the Adjustment Servo. 
    • Push the suction cup back up to top position 
    • Confirm that the suction cup runs smoothly.
  • Charge mode
    • Connect a PSU and confirm that the charging sequence starts.
      • Note: If battery is fully charged you won’t see charging sequence. The battery LED will remain constant.
    • Disconnect the charger

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