Q: What should I know about replacing the electrodes of LIFEPAK® CR2?

A: The electrode tray must be replaced if any of the following occur:

  • The seal on the tray is broken
  • The electrodes are used
  • The Use By date has passed


  • Press the clips on the front corners of the electrode tray and lift up
  • Pull the electrode tray up and out of the defibrillator

  • Inspect the new electrode tray to ensure the seal is not broken and the Use By date has not passed.
  • Insert the new electrode tray into the defibrillator
  • Press down on the front corners of the electrode tray until it clicks into place

IMPORTANT! When you insert the new tray, be careful to press only on the corners of the tray where the foil is supported. Pressing on the center of the tray may damage the seal and cause the electrodes to dry out.

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